Welcome to Ha-tien Nguyen’s page!

This site hosts my written, visual, and audio works throughout my undergraduate career.

Latest Written Work

  • What’s in my bag?

    This picture is a bit of a lie. My actual backpack that I wear everyday is worn out, bulky, and chock full of random items I couldn’t be bothered to pick out. Instead, this image, with its cutesy tote bag and fairly simplistic line-up of objects, is representative of who I want to be. I … Read moreWhat’s in my bag?

  • New Avatar Drop?

    Puffishing? Sure, it sounds weird at first; after all, what do fish have to do with writing? Oddly enough, it came from a mixture of Instagram and my high school fashion class. Levi Prewitt (@levitzo on IG) was one of my greatest inspirations for art as a kid. His beautiful brush strokes and simple, yet … Read moreNew Avatar Drop?