Ha-tien Nguyen (nicknamed “Titi”) is a current second-year at Emory University, majoring in Environmental Science under the Ecology and Conservation track (ECO) and minoring in Rhetoric, Writing, and Information Design (RWID).

Outside of academics, Ha-tien is a part of the Emory Wheel, Emory University’s first independent and student-run newspaper, under the Multimedia section as part of the Podcast and Illustration departments. For the Podcast department, she hosts and produces the monthly podcast Wheel Talk, covering major stories related to the university’s student body and Atlanta area. For the Illustration department, she creates bi-weekly visual pieces in collaboration with journalists for both print and online publishing.

Ha-tien is also Secretary for Emory Ecological Society (EES). She creates monthly newsletters, communications, and visuals for Emory’s student body on EES’s environmental and activist initiatives. She also has worked with the Ecological Society of America (ESA) with the SEEDS division to enable academic and career opportunities for minority undergraduate students.

Ha-tien’s passions include scientific communication, news reporting, science and English education, film-making, visual digital art, and podcast producing.