What’s in my bag?

(Depicted from top left to bottom right): White crochet tote bag with blue and yellow daisies (last known worn date: September 1st), dark blue Sony headphones, black wireless mouse, light blue Pochacco lanyard with room keys and anime keychains (it was a phase), black umbrella, iPad Air (turned on to prevent seeing my silhouette), and basic composition notebook.

This picture is a bit of a lie.

My actual backpack that I wear everyday is worn out, bulky, and chock full of random items I couldn’t be bothered to pick out. Instead, this image, with its cutesy tote bag and fairly simplistic line-up of objects, is representative of who I want to be. I want to be that cutesy, organized girl on campus who has everything in order. I wish I could afford more minimalist set, with neutrals and pastel-colored pieces, but, like many frugal students, we’re stuck hoping our relatively cheaper items can help us mask, if only a bit, as the person we want to be.

This piece isn’t writing, but it is telling a story. Writing is exclusively for text, but to create works like this, one needs to incorporate a variety of disciplines, such as camerawork, digital design, and digital literacy. I am not a fan of the idea that stories have to be “written.” The oldest stories within human history were oral. Hand gestures and body movements are “languages” still used today to convey intent across different language-speakers. Representation of self should not be limited to languages not everyone can speak.

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